What to do in the area

Within 15 minutes of Podere Scopicciolo

It enjoys a superb location with endless vistas onto the countryside. The town blends several historical periods: in fact it has an original Etruscan center, Roman ruins and medieval buildings such as the Cathedral and the Palazzo dei Priori. It is the home of excellent artisans who work the alabaster stone. It has been set to the Twilight Saga movies.
This medieval city is famous for its typical skyline. It has been set of several great movies and enjoys a perfect location in the Tuscan countryside.
Monteriggioni is a medieval hamlet with origins that go back to Etruscan and Roman times.
It was a station on the Francigena Road in Tuscany until the XI century, afterwards it was transformed into an imposing Fortress to protect Siena from Florence.

The town is home to famous Renaissance architect, Arnolfo di Cambio. It is well known for its crystal production and artisans. It has a famous 2 star Michelin restaurant.
It is a small hill town, off the beaten path about 3 miles from our property. It is little known, despite the fact that it celebrates its own horse race – just like Siena’s Palio – in July, sometimes performed by the same jockeys. It has no souvenir stores.
This is one of the oldest forests in the area unchanged throughout the centuries. There are several hiking paths and biking trails of different levels.

Within 30 minutes of Podere Scopicciolo

This is one of the most beautiful art towns in Italy, but it has also an unchanged human dimension that has kept its charm since the medieval era. It boasts a marvelous fan-shaped square called Piazza del Campo, where the famous horse race Palio is held twice each summer; it is a very popular celebration among locals still nowadays.
Kids, the true Excalibur is here!
Come with mom and dad and discover the ruins of this magnificent old Cistercian Abbey. Classical and pop music concerts are held every summer.
It is possible to visit wineries and enjoy wine tasting at a number of different historical facilities.

Within 45 minutes of Podere Scopicciolo

The area of Maremma certainly deserves a visit because it is unique part of Tuscany. Known as the Etruscan Coast where you can windsurf, sail and enjoy small fine sandy beaches. Make sure to stop at Populonia Alta, a wonderful tiny hamlet, built up on a hill facing the Gulf of Baratti, which is the first and unique coastal village built by Etruscans.
The “El Dorado” of Italian Wines, you can enjoy beautiful views of the Etruscan coast and pristine countryside. This is the area where DOC Bolgheri is grown and renowed wines such as Sassicaia and Ornellaia are produced.
It is famous for its mining past time and boasts a most beautiful and well preserved Medieval Cathedral.

Famous for its Chianina beef, this is a small town in the heart of the Val di Chiana east of Arezzo. There is a famous antique market held every year at the end of August.
It was considered the Ideal city of the Renaissance for its architecture and also the setting of the famous Zeffirelli movie, Romeo and Juliet. The cheese of this area is known for its sharp taste and black rind still produced using the original recipes of the past.
A beautiful hill town built on a high ridge, it is well know for its wonderful wines and a charming large Piazza bearing a copy of Palazzo della Signoria in Florence.


Montalcino enjoys a 360 degree view on the most dramatic and beautiful landscape. It is renowned for the Brunello red winery production and is a Unesco World Heritage site.
There is a great antique market the first week end of every month. The best frescoes by Piero della Francesca are inside the Church of San Francesco.
It is well known around the world as the craddle of the Renaissance and it is considered one of the most beautiful towns of Italy for its charming architecture, art and local flavour. It is part of the Unesco World Heritage.