Eco-friendly Philosophy

The property is one of the very few buildings in Tuscany which may be titled to be 100% eco-friendly and energetically independent.

We only use renewable energies, in fact:
– the energy used to produce electricity is obtained by a power plant made with solar/photovoltaic panels ,A solar/photovoltaic panel is a system that uses solar cells devices to convert light into electricity.
In our case the system meets the electricity demand of the buildings on the estate, and only the surplus is fed into the public grid through an exchange meter.
 that are strategically placed on the property in full respect  of the natural environment

– the solar water heatingSolar water heating or solar hot water, is water heated by the use of solar energy using solar thermal collector panels. provide the energy to heat the water year round, whereas geothermal energyGeothermal energy originates from the heat retained within the Earth’s core since the original formation of the planet and from solar energy absorbed at the surface.  . The ground’s temperature is consistently 12.8ºC (55ºF), and it may be extracted with a geothermal heat pump that will provide space heating and cooling system. sourced at about 300feet underground, provides heating and cooling system inside the house

– water is completely recycled thanks to a constructed wetlandA constructed wetland or wetpark is an artificial marsh or swamp, created to purify anthropogenic discharge such as wastewater, stormwater runoff. Vegetation in a wetland provides a substrate (roots, stems, and leaves) upon which microorganisms can grow as they break down organic materials.
This community of microorganisms is known as the periphyton. The periphyton and natural chemical processes are responsible for approximately 90 percent of pollutant removal and waste breakdown.
The plants remove about seven to ten percent of pollutants, and act as a carbon source for the microbes when they decay.
 that purifies waste waters, which is then utilized to water the garden and in the flushing tanks

– although the Villa looks like 200 years old, it has state of the art building system such as a ventilated roof to circulate air; natural plaster and wall painting; the insulated fixtures, etc.

The whole property is heated and cooled by a geothermal system that, combined with a radiant system under the floors, provides a “cellar effect” temperature in summer with less humidity in the air (thanks to dehumidifiers) and regular heating in winter.

Thermostats in each room can customize the temperature with a few hours response time (depending on the outside temperature).

Come and visit us, and share the experience of a life based in full awe of nature.